One-to-One Yoga Class

Anyone of any age can discover yoga for themselves. Yoga has a positive effect on your body, mind & soul.

You will learn an individual yoga-sequence in 1:1 sessions. The individual exercises in the sequence strengthen your abdominal-, thigh-, back-, arm-, neck- & torso muscles. Back and neck pain is relieved or disappears. Breathing exercises vitalise and harmonise. All areas of the body and the seven central energy points of your body (chakras) are addressed equally.

The practical techniques are described in detail (orally and in writing) and carefully practised so that you will eventually be able to do all the exercises alone, mindfully and correctly.

To enable you to practise successfully on your own, you will receive a detailed written instruction of your sequence with pictures. In addition you will receive free of charge an audio & video recording of your yoga sequence.

Furthermore, you will receive easy-to-use practical tips for your health from Ayurveda, the traditional Indian art of healing.

Through regular yoga practice you will experience your body in a new way and develop an improved body awareness. Your fasciae become flexible and strengthened. Next to increasing physical flexibility, you can enjoy mental stillness and mindfulness and thus pure joy of life. The positive effects of yoga are particularly evident in cases of stiffness, back problems, cardiovascular problems, muscle weakness, stress and psychosomatic problems.

Structure of the yoga lesson

My yoga classes follow a personalised exercise pattern that addresses all parts of your body as well as all directions of spinal movement.

The lessons are structured in a way that it is easy for you to get started without fears and pressure. The exercises are practised according to your physical capabilities. Step by step you will learn a number of selected asanas (yoga poses) that activate and stretch all the muscles, massage the organs and activate physical detoxification.

A yoga session basically consists of:

  • Asanas (yoga poses)
  • Relaxation between the asanas
  • Deep relaxation at the end

The relaxation ensures that the energies stimulated by the asanas are harmonised and stored in the nadis and chakras. This leads to the fact, that you feel deeply relaxed and energised at the same time after doing yoga.

In many yoga poses you can relax and the stretching of your muscles is done by gravity. Each asana, performed mindfully and slowly, is followed by a rest period to relax, allowing your muscles to recover and your heartbeat to normalise. In this way you experience your limits in a gentle way and slowly expand them in a respectful way with your own body. The deep relaxation at the end of a class additionally activates your self-healing powers and has a stress-reducing effect.