Silvia Seesing

Yoga – my energy source!

Before I came into contact with yoga, I had neglected my body for decades. My studies and professional life I spent most of the time sitting, with little exercise. When I was young, this was not a big deal, but the older I got, the more I felt the physical consequences of my carelessness.

In January 2017, an Indian Yoga Association (IYA) accredited yoga training at the renowned yoga college “Kaivalyadhama” in India changed my life. At that time I suffered from muscle weakness and had constant pain in my right arm, neck and back. Thanks to Yoga this changed within a few months.

The Kaivalyadhama College was founded in 1920 and was the first in the world to make scientifical research of the physical and psychological effects of yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises). Based on these studies, I was taught in traditional yoga.

Due to my relatively late contact with yoga, I can very well understand what it is like when the body aches, is stiff and clumsy and the muscles are weak. The beginning was difficult for me and I was tempted to stop the training. Thanks to the motivation of my teachers and fellow students, I did not give up and successfully passed my yoga teacher exam.

My perseverance and discipline have paid off! Today my body is flexible, well-formed and pain-free. My mind is calmer and more focused. I have more energy and am more balanced and happier.

The intensive encounters with teachers from the fields of yoga, meditation and sound healing have shaped my yoga style. I combine yoga & sound to a unique symbiosis.

I also offer sound massages that touch your senses & soul and bring you back into balance.

It is my heartfelt desire to pass on my knowledge and help interested people of all ages to achieve more health and joy of living. This is also expressed in the name of my website “Kalyana”. Kalyana comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and means: “Blessing, Happiness & Well-Being”.

That is what I wish you with all my heart.

I am looking forward to our journey together!

Yours Silvia Seesing

My path to yoga (audio)

Impressions from India

My Yoga Class

Yoga graduation class in India
I am the third from the right in the second row from the bottom

Happy after successful graduation

Time for relaxation

in national dress