Yoga & Sound

I am


Mobility, relaxation
& pure joy of living!

Personal Yoga Coach

Fit, flexible & in balance!

You would like to achieve this goal, but have not yet found the right way to do so?

I will be happy to help you with this! As your Personal Yoga Coach, I will work with you to develop an individualized exercise program tailored to your needs.

I teach gentle mindful yoga that can be practiced at any age. Previous experience is not necessary, because each way of practicing is as unique as you are.

Yoga & Sound

Let energies flow!

To enhance the effectiveness of the asanas (postures) and relaxation, I combine yoga with sound.

The symbiosis of yoga and sound dissolves blockages and leads to a complete rest of the mind. The more relaxed you are, the more your energy flows.

For sound yoga I use original therapy singing bowls by Peter Hess, which address different body regions and chakras depending on their size.

Yoga for detoxification

Complement your detox cure!

I will be happy to accompany you personally or in a group during your detoxification treatment.

To support the detoxification, I use selected asanas, breathing exercises and meditation techniques. Thus, a harmonization of the body takes place and blockages and congestions are dissolved.

The special exercises are an ideal supplement during the cure.

Sound massage

Let go & relax!

The sound massage with original therapy singing bowls by Peter Hess offers you a deep relaxation experience on all levels!

The sound massage brings you back into balance, calms down your mind and touches your soul.

The often circling thoughts come to a rest. The soothing sounds harmonize every cell of your body.

Namasté, I am Silvia!

In my classes I want to teach,
what yoga teaches myself every day:

“Accept yourself.
Bring your body, mind & soul in harmony
and listen to the voice of your heart.”

“Our life is shaped by our mind,
for we become what we think.”